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Alternates to Traditional Phone Systems for Business

Phone systems for business remain an essential part of their equipment.  Although it is theoretically possible to survive without a business phone system; most businesses will quickly realize that this does not encourage new customers to trust you.

This is simply because a landline number provides the customer with reassurance that you are a genuine company with a genuine address.  Phones are useful when dealing with customers but they can also be a real asset when arranging meetings and connecting with other businesses.

The traditional approach to phone systems for business is an analogue or digital phone line.  Both offer benefits to the business owner.  Analogue lines tend to be cheap to install whilst digital phone systems for business will have numerous features which will make it easier for people to communicate with each other; even within the office!

There are several options to help your business offer a respective phone service without breaking the bank in the process.

Virtual Phone Systems

This type of phone systems for business is operated entirely through the internet.  There is no need to sign up for a long term contract.  All you need to do is sign up and choose between a local number, tool-free number and your own number.  All calls are forwarded to your cell phone by this impressive software.

Features of the phone systems for business include an automated receptionist; forwarding feature, voicemail; the ability to conference call and even the ability to send voicemails to an email address.

Phone System

Social Media

You will probably already be aware of the power of social media; it is the preferred way for many people to contact each other.   What you may not have realized is that some of the social media sites have branched out.  Google Hangouts is a prime example.  It offers you a phone number.  Calls are automatically redirected to your real number; allowing you to protect your number and screen calls before answering.

Google Hangouts also offers the ability to host team meetings, share your computer screen with friends and colleague and even integrate your schedule with Google calendar.

Access is available through your tablet, computer or even your cell phone.

Cloud Based

Another alternative to the traditional analogue or digital phone systems for business is the cloud based VOIP system.  The VOIP system is similar in principle to digital phone systems for business.  It allows you to make calls over the internet, share them and even provides call forwarding, group paging and even an intercom feature.

The big difference between it and the usual digital phone systems for business is that all the information and data is held in the cloud.  This prevents you from needing hardware or from occupying computer space with the software required to run a digital service.

Providing a cloud based system has a good reliability record it could be a viable option even for medium sized businesses.  However, there is something to be said for the control you have over your own digital phone systems for business.  You may feel it is worthwhile adopting this traditional route.

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