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Cloud or Dedicated Hosting – Which Option Is Right for Business Website?

Where to host data is a serious decision because you desire a safe secure and easily accessible location at relatively low cost. Your business pumps out boundless amount of data, there need to be an option, which can handle it.

You get two hosting options today, dedicated server and on the clouds. Which option is better? Let’s understand both and make an informed decision.

Cloud hosting

  • Scalability – You can either scale up or down with cloud hosting. It depends on your fluctuating demands. Dedicated server has fixed capacity, but cloud hosting provides unlimited resources.
  • Enhanced performance – Multiple servers are used to create cloud hosting environment. Traffic and loads get shared across multiple servers thus pages can load faster. Moreover, your website does not experience unavailability.
  • Better price – To run a professional website on dedicated server, you will have to fund a server with maximum capacity to handle busy day needs. On the other hand, with cloud hosting you just need to fund for capacity necessary, at specific times.


Dedicated hosting

  • Security – You have security benefits of renting a physical server in respect to knowing the precise location and web host. No concern about sharing server space with potential spammer or malicious website/s, especially if your business handles sensitive transactions over SSI or FTP.
  • Peace of mind – Get to use all the resources on single server, so no concern about server congestion, spikes in bandwidth use, bad scripts running in neighboring website, and slow loading issues.
  • Flexibility – Easily customize the server to accommodate your unique requirements related to RAM, CPU, software, and disc space. You get to select software and platform, thus allowing full control on configuration of a leased dedicated server.
  • Stability & reliability – Your website gets maximum uptime, which is necessary to handle abundant of traffic. Servers are actually machines, which can go down occasionally but quick fix brings back normal environment without any data loss.


What is an ideal option for you?

The huge difference you can experience from the above detail is related to accessibility and security. Price does matter but not at the cost of your sensitive data. Therefore, it is vital to seek out the right dedicated server hosting service for your business website.

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