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Consider These Ideas When Building a Digital Animation

Nowadays, it’s easier to get into animation since there are various websites that offer appropriate software for beginners. Most of these programs are affordable and can be used with modern computers that can handle simple animation tasks.

However, for a digital animation company interested in more complex 3D animation, the task requires various skills that one needs to master. Some of these techniques include cartooning, digital storytelling and stopmotion amongst others. You’ll also need to learn about lighting, rendering and texturing in order to produce great quality videos. Below are some of the ideas to help you out in digital animation: 

I. Collect as much information as possible 

Gathering relevant information about the theme you want to talk about will help increase your understanding and imagination. Some of the sources you can refer to include books, films, magazines and even documentaries. This will also help in making your content unique, since there would be a lot of options to choose from. 


II. Try and create a story, not a mere description 

If what you’re creating doesn’t have a storyline, viewers may easily get tired of watching it. Having a tale will make your animation look more original, this is a crucial element in any animation work. Otherwise the production may be confused for a documentary, which is not the case. 

Additionally, you can try creating a visual poem to capture the audience’s attention at each stage. This is also a fun way to explore meanings of various topics discussed in the video. Similarly, visual poems help viewers decode and grasp certain themes in the animation that some people may otherwise find it hard to understand. 

III. Engage your audience 

The story should make people to easily relate with it, if your work doesn’t connect with the audience then it would just be a waste of time. Try and make it as punchy as possible, remember that no matter how expertly structured your animation is, it won’t be effective if it can’t capture the viewers’ attention in the first 50 seconds. Divide the story into equal chapters for easier understanding by the audience. The rule of thumb is that your animation should be comprehensible by children and adults alike. 

For the best results, make use of special characters where possible. It can be an individual, animal or puppet that you use to direct the story. This character will function as a guide for the viewers, carefully leading them into the tale and providing a clear understanding as well as greater emotional connection with what’s going on. 

IV. Add humor at appropriate places 

Humor works well when done correctly, it will give your audience a positive impression of the production by making them to laugh where appropriate. As an animator, always strive to stay one step ahead of what the audience expects from the plot. Your story will appeal more to them if it draws attention to an unexpected theme, with a twist that nobody could have anticipated. 

In conclusion, try adding sound effects to the production so that it can complement the visuals already in place. Be careful to only use appropriate sound effects that would bring about the desired results.

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