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Digital Marketing Is Going Mobile in China

The digital revolution as started in China. The likes and taste of Chinese consumers has started to change and all of them are spending a lot of time on social media, on their mobile and making the best use of a flotilla of digital tools.

If you are a good marketer make sure that you follow the below mentioned marketing trends.

Internet Is Quite a Significant Medium in China

 In the present years, in China, the Internet has become a very influential medium for about 600 million users. In China, the Internet network has reached a great coverage and is now available in almost the whole of China. It does not matter much because almost most of the Internet users reside in coastal area and huge cities and are quite rich.

Social Network Services Is Growing In China

Chinese people tend to be extremely social than Westerners. Social networking is the virtual extension of Guanxi. Social networks are an area where information and free speech is shared and this is why the behavior of internet users in this podium marks a sign of change in the Chinese society.

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Kol (Key Opinion Leaders) and the Great Influence It Has Had

More than in the western countries, the KOL campaign has a positive and great impact in China. Customers do not have a huge assurance in direct advertising which is usually broadcasted in CCTV. This is also taken as an unpredictable propaganda tool. Before they purchase any product, Chinese customers get accustomed to go ahead and ask reference and advice from friends and relatives, but they will make it a point to go ahead and get the opinion from key opinion leaders. In China about 10% of people do affect 90% of the population and this is why the position of KOL is much regarded and their advice is much taken into consideration. They are rarely neglected. This is why you must ensure that they are targeted first.

Advertising over the Internet

Direct advertising has gone forth and invaded the lives, yet it sure has quite less of an impact. Viral videos, buzz marketing strategies, placement of products and so forth tend to work better anytime. Buzzs have been very closely calculated and observed by Chinese Internet users as they want to stay updated with the current news. These consumers have had a huge impact through online video streaming.

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