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12 Amazing & Undeniable Insights Using Digital Signage for Business

Here are 12 benefits why you should be using digital signage for your business.

Below are some amazing insights, which happen to be undeniable as well, for businesses that are still looking for reasons to use digital signage in their business.

  1. Explosion of digital devices

In the last decade or so there has been an explosion of sorts in the number of companies that are using digital signage as well as the frequency of the occasions that they are using it. This innovative channel has made it easy for many organizations to market their wares to the right and maximum-possible buyers.

  1. Covers basically all aspects of our lives

This is a digital age – a time when everything that we do has digital written all over it. This is why it is important that companies are able to use the latest technology and marry it with their business infrastructure.

  1. Market growth

In an analysis has stated that the market for digital signage around the world will be worth 21.92 billion dollars by 2020.

  1. Demand for the product

There is a lot of interest for digital signage around the world and more people are investing in this technology. They are virtually everywhere – shopping malls, stadia, retail stores, waiting areas, airports, etc. There is a good chance that no matter where you are in the world you must have seen digital signage with the highest-possible resolution.

  1. Fantastic examples are already there

There are already plenty of examples of organizations that have used digital signage in a commendable way. Most of these are retail outlets incidentally. Some of the biggest examples are Tommy Hilfiger, Nordstrom, New Balance, Nike, FuelStation, Primark, and Apple to name a few. All these companies have differed in their approach towards using this medium, essentially staying true to their originality as brands. They have also made the most of the fact that they are instantly-recognizable brands by using displays that are typical of them.

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  1. Flexibility as a medium

It is said that digital signage is the most flexible banner in the world. You can change the content at any time and in any way that you see fit. If there is a problem with the content then you can change it instantly before it becomes a huge mistake.

  1. Improvement for restaurants

It has been seen that digital signage in restaurants used in the form of digital menu boards can generate 47% increase in customer satisfaction and lead to 38% increase in the sales of promotional products. It can also increase check averages by 21% and by using digital signage restaurants can reduce costs incurred in changing the menu by 49%.

  1. Improvement for retail stores

In case of retail stores it has been seen that digital signage can lead to 33% increase in the aggregate sales volume. In the same way it can bring about a 35% reduction in the time that people perceive themselves to be waiting before they are tended to. Thanks to digital signage in retail stores, customers have double the chance of retaining information. It can also create 33% more repeat buyers. In a nutshell, this is a rather cost-effective medium because of its technological aspects.

  1. Reducing the need for paper and be environment-friendly

 With digital signage a business can be more environment-friendly as well. When you use this medium you are using less paper and when demand for paper falls, it implies that lesser trees will be cut. This can only be good for the environment. Alongwith this, you can minimize your printing expenses as well – you have no need to pay the exorbitant fees of a designer or a printer.

In the United States of America, each year 3.7 million tons of paper is produced. However, with digital signage the millions of flyers and other forms of paper-based advertisement could come to an end. This media has an interface that is easy to use and the editing tools are not that technical. This means you can perform the designing tasks yourself and use the money that you would have otherwise paid to a designer to other lucrative areas like developing a new product that you are sure will work.

  1. Increases productivity

Digital signage can be used to communicate to staff working within the organization. It has been seen that companies have been able to increase their productivity by 300% just by using this medium to communicate to people within the organization.

  1. Making the most of the market for digital signage products

The market for digital signage is expected to grow phenomenally in the foreseeable future and this means that there would be plenty of service providers to choose from. FM Digital Group, based in Australia, says that while digital signage may not be given its due as a marketing medium, it can serve as a more than viable alternative to social media marketing and smartphone-based ads.

  1. Some important statistics

There are several stats that prove the efficacy of digital signage as a marketing medium. They have four times more chance of capturing the attention of people as opposed to static display. 80% of people who see digital signs outside a store enter the same. They can definitely increase the footfall in your store, as much as by 20% on an average. They are capable of increasing the sales of major brands as well. They can generate consumers for banks as well and more importantly they can provide you good return on investment.

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