Thursday, September 21, 2017


Considering the high cost of properties and funds needed to furnish a well-structured office space, particularly in a humongous city as Manchester, it’s no brainer to find the virtual office a more prudent way of handling official and business activities, and more so for the budget conscious entrepreneur. It is advantageous in many ways and can also be as official as a traditional physical office would if set up perfectly. We look at some ways to hit the ground running in setting up and using a decent virtual office in Manchester.

  • Get a virtual business address

Since no brick and mortar office is involved here, in order to make the best use of your Manchester virtual office, you’ll need to get a professional address to receive your mails or any other correspondence. You can get this done by selecting a Manchester address that will serve as correspondence and get clients acquainted with it.

  • Your virtual assistants are important

From accounting to customer service duties, you will need to source for personnel to fill vital positions of your Manchester virtual office. This will ease your task and expedite execution of more salient duties. The number and types of assistants you’ll need hinges on your business needs and requirements so that shouldn’t factor much cost in setting up your Manchester virtual office.

  • You’ll need a virtual phone system

Yes, to effectively maximise a virtual office and get your business world rolling in record time, you’ll need to get an official virtual business phone number to be handled by a virtual customer care assistant.  You only have to record your customised greeting and set up departments to handle ensuing requests.

  • Insure your business

Before you get rolling with your virtual office, it is crucial to get your business insured to send the clear message to your clients, that above all, you are a professional and your virtual office is reliable. This is more important if your business involves selling a product from the huge city of Manchester. Thus a professional indemnity insurance will be perfect in order to use your Manchester virtual office better and maximise your business safety.

Taking cognisance of all these will not only ensure your Manchester virtual office is good to go for business activities in real time, but also be able to receive correspondences (which is vital) and maintain optimal productivity.

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