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Let MLtek Software Bring Order to Your Chaos of File Storage

MLtek Software includes three major software programs, with the star of the company being Archive Manager that has just recently been renamed Archiver.FS. This program has just been re-branded and will now be called Archiver.FS (FS – File System)


MLtek has been considering rebranding this for some time as their company has felt that the name ArchiveManager does not replicate all the product actually can do. At its heart it is an archiving tool for file systems, and as FSArchiver was already in use for an archiving tool by Linux, this company decided to go with Archiver.FS as this is much better in reflecting the real function of this product.

Request for subscription licensing

Over the last years MLtek have had many requests to introduce a subscription based licensing model for our archiving solution, Archiver.FS.

Perpetual license or subscription license

Up until this time all the licenses were permanentwith only one payment basis with annual support being renewals. Despite the licensing fee being only a fraction of our nearest competitors and the fact that Archiver.FS already represented a good value for money spent, this model had the effect of front loading most of the costs. Being able to offer a subscription based license alongside the perpetual licenses lets us offer a way to spread the initial costs more evenly over years 2+.


Need a better way

So if you are struggling to find a cost effective and simple way to get your sprawling file system in order why not take the time to try out Archiver.FS? Whether your system of files is 1 TB or less in size or multiple of PetaBytes, we can help you bring order to your chaos.

Trial version to download

In fact, MLtek Software will make it able for you to download the trial version of Archiver.FS for free at and take it out for a test drive. The trial download features all functions and it will let you fully explore all it has to offer on your systems in your own time.

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