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Saving Time with Automated Patch Management

Patch management is one of those necessary evils that you have to take care of if you want the computers on your business network to remain up to date and secure against any vulnerabilities. However, for many businesses, they just don’t have the time or the man power to continually monitor, download, install and reboot multiple computers. That is why so many small to medium businesses have suffered from cyber attacks and compliance issues, because they are just not able to keep up! However, with the help of automated patch management that could become a thing of the past.

Why Manual Patch Management Is Just Not Feasible

If you are a large business with a dedicated IT department, then it may be possible to have one dedicated member of staff to take care of updates and patch management across the network. However, for small to medium businesses this is usually not an option. For example, for many companies, when a major malware attack occurs it is necessary for them to do a complete shut down in order to make sure that everything is updated and secure which can costs thousands of dollars! It is a crushing blow for a small business to have to do this, but without an automated patch management system it is just not feasible to stay on top of all of the required updates and security patches.

How Can Automated Patch Management Help?

As noted, the solution for small to medium sized businesses is to turn to an automated patch management tool such as those available from batch patch. This allows one person to download and deploy all relevant patches and updates simultaneously across the entire network from a single remote machine. It even allows you to schedule the process for outside of normal working hours which results in there being no downtime during this essential maintenance. This in itself is going to save the company time and money before you even consider the fact that using an automated tool is going to take a tiny fraction of the man hours that doing these updates manually would. It really is a total no-brainer! Switching to an automated process is going to be more efficient, more cost effective and it is going to make your network so much more secure.

How Much Will Automated Patch Management Cost?

On of the things that tends to put people off of investing in automated patch management is the perceived cost. However, it is not as expensive as you might think. Certainly when compared to the amount of man hours it takes to update everything manually or the financial burden of dealing with a major cyber attack or security breach, then the cost of purchasing your automated software is a bargain! Even aside from these savings, the cost of purchasing the software is still very affordable and it is certainly well worth doing some research into the various packages offered.

Once you try automated patch management you are going to wonder how you managed all this time without it! This is something you will want to get on board with sooner rather than later.

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