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Selection of Perfect Digital Camcorder – Best Features to Look For

Buying a digital camcorder can be very confusing and overwhelming at times for buyers owing to the sea of features available. For beginners, it sometimes gets very difficult to make a choice.

Here is the guide to make it easy for you with some essential features to look for while picking this portable, self-contained device with video capturing and recording as its main attractions:

  • Optical Zoom

Comes with two types of zooms or both. Digital zoom enlarges the picture without necessarily making it clearer whereas in optical zoom the lens moves in and out to get a clearer focus on the object.

  • Image stabilization

To counteract the effects of hand shaking while using the camcorder, this is a must to have a feature to give a better-stabilized performance. Leads to clearer videos without any reduction in resolution.

  • Video resolution and Image sensors

Look for these two features in your camcorder for high-resolution videos better picture quality as image sensors transform the light coming through the lens into the digital signal to be covered by the camcorder. 42nd Street Photo has the best camcorders with the most updated and advanced features to give you the best experience in photography.

  • External Port for microphone

An external microphone unlike the internals in usual camcorders enhances the sound quality manifold and adds smartly to the overall usability of a digital camcorder.

  • Photo features

This one can make a difference in performance of camcorders. Look for the built-in flash, dedicated photo shutter button and photo scene modes to ensure a great experience.

  • Manual Controls

Gives the user the ability to override default settings and great control over the way the video is recorded, this is another great feature to look for in your camcorders.

Ease of use and customized features as per your need should be two main deciding factors while your digital camcorder shopping.

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