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The Importance Of Situation Awareness In Physical Security

Situational awareness is such an important aspect in physical security. If your company employees physical security guards for the premises of your facilities, you want each and every security guard to have situation awareness.
When a guard is on duty, many different scenarios can occur. One scenario, a customer tries to enter a very crowded night club. The security guard at the door is told not to allow any more customers inside of the facility unless at least 10 customers leave that are already inside.

The customer is the front of the line is very unhappy upon hearing this news. Not only has he been waiting in this horribly long line for three hours, the temperature is 31 degrees, that is below freezing! The customer gets very angry and starts shouting at the security guard on duty. The guard attempts to calm down es the customer. This just enhances the man’s anger toward the guard. He pushes the guard as hard as he can and the security guard flips over the rail that is blocking the entrance. When the man falls he hits his head and is knocked unconscious. Over half of the line scurries into the club. Soon the club becomes extremely over populated.

The manager then has to alert the customers to exit the building and close down the club until further notice. If the security guard on duty was aware of the situation and his surroundings, all of these accidents could have been prevented. By the security guard not having situational awareness he cost the nightclub a lot of money. The club was responsible for the security guards medical bills as well as losing revenue by having to close the club due to being over populated.

Physical Securities
Psim is a system that can track situational awareness for you and alert you if any events arise. This can very beneficial to any high security buildings. By having this system alert you, you will not have to hire security guards to sit and review your cameras twenty four hours a day. This system will save your company money because you will not have to pay employees to do the simple task of watching live footage. Psim also prevents you from experiences accidents. For example, what if scenario one occurs and the security guard watching the live footage accidently falls asleep on the job. No one would be able to report the accident to the appropriate officials to solve the issues that have arouse.

As you can see the importance of situation awareness in physical security is extremely high. If an employee is not aware of the situations and his or her surroundings people can get hurt. Not only is the health of others and yourself at jeopardy, but the company that the employee works for will lose money. If the company is losing money because of you as an employee, I am sure you will also be losing a job. Most security officers need their job to provide for their families. So please, if you are in this line of work, realize how important it is to have situational awareness.

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