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Tips on How to Get a Slow PC Back to Running Fast Again

If your computer has been running good but then suddenly starts running slow, there are a few things you can do before spending money for someone to look at it for you.


The first thing any computer tech will tell you to do to fix a slow pc is to run your antivirus program. The database of these programs needs to update weekly as more and more viruses enter the internet everyday. You are wasting money going to a tech for a slow pc when there are some tests you can run yourself.

Anti-Virus programs

There are some excellent anti-virus programs to keep your computer safe and your internet provider may even offer one for free. The two best known are:

> Norton

> McAfee

There are also lesser known ones that are also excellent. Running a Google search will get you the top 10 available.

Normal maintenance

There are also other problems that can cause a computer to run slow. One is called disk defragment and is usually included in maintenance for your computer. Defragging your disk drive sounds scary but it’s really not. Some defragment programs can run in the background while you are doing your normal computer tasks.

You don’t even need to know what causes fragmenting to run these types of maintenance programs. Just remember – you didn’t do anything wrong and it occurs with every hard drive. A defragment program is included as a normal maintenance program with every Windows computer. If you don’t keep up with normal maintenance your pc can start running very slow.

PC Running faster


 If you never turn your computer off eventually it will start to run slow. To fix a slow pc, every day you should probably reboot your computer – which means to restart it. This often will cause your computer to start running faster again.

There are two types of reboot:

> Warm

> Cold

With a warm reboot you go to start and hit the restart button.A cold restart is where everything needs to be turned off and then boot your computer manually after about 10-20 seconds. Remember to turn off and restart your modem also once a day.

Before you spend any money getting a computer tech to look at your computer because it is running slow, I would advise that you do some of the above mentioned tasks yourself.

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