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If you happen to be the owner of the wonderful IPhone 4 handset then I have got some brilliant news for you. You can now unlock it by using the simple Unlock iPhone 4 Codes Generator. Unlocking the IPhone 4 with this tool is similar to sending an unlock request. After a while your request will be approved and you will be delivered the key with which you can perform the unlock.


In a more detailed description the unlocking procedure of a IPhone 4 will look something like this:

You buy a IPhone 4 but it is SIM locked. What are you going to do about it? It would be ridiculous to wait for the contract to be over so you obviously have to resort to other unlocking methods. There are two SIM unlocking methods known today: one is the unofficial the other one is the official unlocking method.

The unofficial unlocking method is both the more expensive and the more dangerous method of the two. It involves vast knowledge in software programs and proficiency into hardware tools.

On the other hand you have the official method with is very easy to execute and it will cost you next to nothing in the most cases.

As you can judge for yourselves the better method of the two is the latter one.

The Unlock iPhone 4 Codes Generator is regarded as an official method hence it would be a good idea to try it.

When you download the Unlock iPhone 4 Codes Generator for free you need to follow a few simple steps to get the job done.

How To Unlock iPhone 4

These are the steps you should definitely follow:

>–    Download the Unlock iPhone 4 Codes Generator on any computer you wish. You can even use your tablet for this operation.

>–    Open the tool once it is completely installed and give your IPhone 4’s IMEI code, carrier, country it was bough from and a contact email address of yours.When you have entered these details click “unlock”.Wait for ten minutes and check your email address.

>–    You should have an email that will contain an unlock code. This unlock code is very often a combination of numbers and letters and it consists of about 15 characters all together.

>–    Accidentally, the IMEI code consists of the same number of characters but don’t mix the two as they are two entirely different codes with two very distinctive functions.

>–    Once you have the unlock code generated via the Unlock iPhone 4 Codes Generator you need to enter it in your IPhone 4 handset.

>–    In order to do this you will have to insert a SIM card which was rejected by your IPhone 4 before.
After you insert this SIM card which can be from any other carrier than the carrier your device is locked to, your handset will require of you to enter an authentication code i.e. an unlock code.

>–    Enter the code you got from the Unlock iPhone 4 Codes Generator and press OK.

>–    After this you will be able to use whichever SIM card in the world you wish because your IPhone 4 will be definitely unlocked the official way.

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